Patrick James Mucci

March 28, 1947 ~ December 3, 2020 (age 73)
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The laugh that made my day

As a young Junior High kid, I had some chances to walk next door and get a chance to talk to my neighbor. One of the coolest things about Pat was that he had this infectious laugh (at least to me). This proceeded through the High School years as well. I loved it. While we didn’t really”hang out” with the same folks, there always seemed time for a few minutes of chat time….and I would get my “laugh fix”, and be on my way. As life moved on I lost track of Pat and his sister’s (Connie my older sister knew Pats older sisters well). One day I stopped at P&D Hobbies. I left there with a long overdue “laugh fix” and a rundown of the who, what and where of my former neighbors. I will miss this man and his feel good laugh

Mark Logsdon