Patrick James Mucci

March 28, 1947 ~ December 3, 2020 (age 73)
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Scary Brother Memories

When I was very little, my brother, Pat used to pull his stretchy pajamas up over his head and chase me down the hall, making scary monster noises which made me shriek. Our mother would get mad and yell at him to stop which he would, of course do but then I would sneak up to him and say: “scare me, scare me!” and the whole process would start all over again.

I think of my dear, sweet brother every day and each time, I feel an empty, aching feeling in the center of my being. It is comforting to tell myself that he is truly “in the arms of the angels” and it is likely that most, if not all of the angels now have model trains and any other hobbies they could possibly imagine and that there are record Little Caesar pizza parties! My brother was the sweetest, most generous and hard working, caring person I have ever experienced and although he will live on in his wonderful son and daughters and his many grandchildren, I can’t imagine I will ever stop missing him. My love will always be with you, Pat.