Patrick James Mucci

March 28, 1947 ~ December 3, 2020 (age 73)
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In memory of a good friend.

Pat and I met in high school and remained close through the years. He was like a brother, my mom even called him son. He was always invited to our family events. I remember he really enjoyed poker night! In 1966 we were both in the Army. He was in Virginia and I was in Washington, DC. We were close enough to enjoy some fun weekends together. After the Army Pat returned to Michigan and I went to California. Even miles apart we continued our friendship usually via phone calls. Every once in a while I would show up and surprise him at the P & D Hobby Shop and he would always make time to grab a few beers and catch up. Staying friends with Pat was easy.. he made it that way. A few months back he called. When I asked him what was up, he said “I’m sitting outside on a warm Michigan summer night drinking a cold beer and thought of you”. He was genuine. He cared and he made me glad to call him a very good friend. I’ll miss him. Love you, man. Heartfelt condolences to everyone in his family.

Ron Ziomek