Great guy

Lake Tahoe 1993 trip with other hobby shop owners we all met to enjoy some r and r. Pat had a great sense of humor. He kept us laughing.

Scary Brother Memories

When I was very little, my brother, Pat used to pull his stretchy pajamas up over his head and chase me down the hall, making scary monster noises which made me shriek. Our mother would get mad and yell at him to stop which he would, of course do but then I would sneak up […]

The laugh that made my day

As a young Junior High kid, I had some chances to walk next door and get a chance to talk to my neighbor. One of the coolest things about Pat was that he had this infectious laugh (at least to me). This proceeded through the High School years as well. I loved it. While we […]

O scale friend

Carol and I bonded with Pat though our many visits to the Chicago O scale shows. Also we would always drop in to see him in his shop each time we visited my wife’s sisters in Michigan. He was always friendly and very helpful and patient in acquiring the numerous O scale detail parts I […]

Pat was a very nice person

I’m so blessed I had an opportunity to meet Pat. I always found him so kind and all had a smile on his face. Rest In Peace

Me and Uncle Pat 2015

Uncle Pat was always having a good time and a smile on his face – from the early days, he would take me to a red wings game, to all the pizza, and to all the smiles… so many memories… love you uncle pat!

Growing up with Pat.

Countless times us kids, gathered at the field at the corner of Beechwood and Stephens to play baseball. We all attended Roosevelt El, Oakwood Jr High & East Detroit High. RIP friend! Out of sight for a long while but not out of mind! Blessing upon you and family!

My Friend Pat Mucci

As stated by Kathleen, we were neighbors and I met Pat in 1971. We had many, many colorful and good times. He used to remind me I saved him one night when we were at an unsavory establishment and a bouncer was about to physically remove Pat. Having come from work i was in my […]

In memory of a good friend.

Pat and I met in high school and remained close through the years. He was like a brother, my mom even called him son. He was always invited to our family events. I remember he really enjoyed poker night! In 1966 we were both in the Army. He was in Virginia and I was in […]

friends for life

we became friends in 7th grade and stayed connected through all these years…I would stop and see him at the hobby shop and talk over old times…have many fond memories from playing ball together, connecting in the military at times, all night poker games, high school reunions, taking care of his pizza stores…I was honored […]