In memory of a good friend.

Pat and I met in high school and remained close through the years. He was like a brother, my mom even called him son. He was always invited to our family events. I remember he really enjoyed poker night! In 1966 we were both in the Army. He was in Virginia and I was in […]

friends for life

we became friends in 7th grade and stayed connected through all these years…I would stop and see him at the hobby shop and talk over old times…have many fond memories from playing ball together, connecting in the military at times, all night poker games, high school reunions, taking care of his pizza stores…I was honored […]

Memories of my “Favorite Brother”

I remember sneaking out of my room late at night to share pizza and pop Pat brought home from his job at Mimi’s Pizza; waking up early Saturday mornings to the sound of his enchanting laugh and watching cartoons with him or early mornings you could find him on the back porch swinging his bat. […]

Pat’s 30th birthday celebration

Pat was fun-hearted, always smiling, he always made me feel special. The Mucci’s were our next door neighbor when I was young, and our families still spent a lot of time together when they moved to their next house. My mom worked for him at the Hobby Shop… he was such a hard worker! This […]

A good business person.

I never met Pat personally but talked on the phone to him a lot. I remember when I placed an order with him once for some train parts and I wrote it wrong I said “I’m getting old” he replied “Tell me about it” we had a laugh sorted out the order everyone was happy. […]

A friend remembered

I knew Pat very well growing up, but he was always Jimmy to me. He lived down the block on Beechwood Street in East Detroit and was a good friend of mine when we attended Oakwood Junior High School and later East Detroit High. We were really proud of him when he made the East […]

One of Pat’s customers

I have known Pat since 1972 and was always impressed with his excellent service. He was a great guy and always put up with my wacky sense of humor. He will be missed.


Great 60th surprise party…. still one more happened too🥰