Patrick James Mucci

March 28, 1947 ~ December 3, 2020 (age 73)
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A friend remembered

I knew Pat very well growing up, but he was always Jimmy to me. He lived down the block on Beechwood Street in East Detroit and was a good friend of mine when we attended Oakwood Junior High School and later East Detroit High. We were really proud of him when he made the East Detroit varsity basketball team as a sophomore. I remember his mom, Rose – when she baked bread in her basement we ate it still warm! I remember his four sisters – Julie, Ginny, Jackie and Dina – Jimmy being the only boy. I lost track of him for many years, but reconnected at my 45th EDHS reunion (our classes, ’64 and ’65, did a number of reunions together). I literally had not seen him in over 50 years. Then a few years later (2019) we were both at the reunion picnic for the classes from ’60 – ’69. I had a chance at both events to catch up with “Jimmy.” I learned of his service with the army and other details of his life. We were able to share some memories of growing up. I wish there had been more opportunities. To his family, I extend my sympathy. He’ll be missed!

Larry Kleinsteiber